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Is there a Sunnah method of Ihram? PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Hajj - The Miqat and Ihram

Question 530) - Is there a Sunnah method of Ihram?

A: Yes. When one intends Ihram one should make Wudu, although Ghusl would be better. He will then don two new or at least washed cloths which are not stitched like clothing. one will be the lzar [cover the lower body] and one will be the Rida [cover the upper body]. He will apply fragrance if he has. He will pray two Rak'at covering his head. Thereafter he will uncover his head and say as an intention of Hajj, "O Allaah, I intend Hajj, so ease it for me and accept it from me." He will then recite the Talbiyah, "Labbayk, Allaahumma labbayk' Labbayka la sharika laka labbayk.
Innalhamada wanni'mata laka wal Mulk. La sharika laka - At Your service, O Allaah at Your service. At Your service there is no partner unto You, at Your service. Verily praise and bounties belong to You and the kingship. There is no partner with You' He will not add in between these words. It is allowed to add words afterwards. Once he recited the talbiyah then he is in Ihram' He should now be careful of the Ihram restrictions.

~ al-Quduri ~