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The enemies of Islaam object that enslavement is a violation of humanity. PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Istirqaq wal I?taq [Enslavement and Manumi - Definition

Question1773) - The enemies of Islaam object that enslavement is a violation of humanity.

A: Their objections are mistaken and their words unsophisticated. If Kuffar captives are returned to their lands they will be even harsher against Islaam and the Muslims. They will be even further from the guidance with which the Quraan was revealed. If the ruler should keep them imprisoned then their maintenance will be a burden upon the Public Treasury. That is an expense without any benefit. It is therefore appropriate that he divides them amongst the warriors to serve them. Each slave will earn for his master and eat from his home. The slave will thus not be a complete burden upon the master, but will be like a member of the household. In this way both the master and slave benefit in worldly terms. As far as Din is concerned, the slave will live in a Muslim home and observe their salah, Fasting, worship, Remembrance of Allaah and their good? character. He will be affected by that and enter Allaah's Din. He will be saved from the punishment of Hell - what a great favour that is upon him. The pages of history are replete with slaves of either sex who embraced Islaam and acquired lofty stages in regards knowledge and pious deeds.
Enslavement is not necessary and the ruler has other options which will be described in Kitabus Siyar InshaAllaah. The shari?ah greatly encourages manumission of slaves and commands that they be set free as Kaffarah. It also instituted the processed of declaring slaves Mudabbar and Mukatab as ways of freeing them.

~ al-Quduri ~