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What do the Ulema of Deen say about the tribulations and Hardships that are afflicting the Muslims today? What can the true cause of this be and what are the solutions? Please guide us. PDF Print E-mail
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The Reasons and Solutions for Divine Calamities

Q: Ilm-51: What do the Ulema of Deen say about the tribulations and Hardships that are afflicting the Muslims today? What can the true cause of this be and what are the solutions? Please guide us.

Answer: The true reason for all of this may well be our wrong beliefs, errant deeds. excessive sins, cowardice, love tor the world and adulteration of the laws of the Deen and the Sunnah to accommodate our own customs and traditions in addition to this, it may also be because of our weaknesses in Deen and in worldly affairs and our failings in fulfilling the rights of Allaah and the rights of people.

Allaah says: 'The calamities that afflict you are u result of what your hands earn, but Allaah still forgives a great deal (without punishment).

Allaah says in another verse'. "Corruption (trouble, difficulties, calamities) has appeared on land and at sea because of the (evil) actions of man and so that Allaah may let them taste (the consequences) of some of their (evil) sections, so that they may adopt Taqwa (and refrain from sin) .

THE UNIQUE EFFECTS OF CERTAIN SINS: Although sins in general attract calamities when they anger Allaah. there are certain types of sin that cause specific types of calamities to strike. Amongst them are:

> Passing unjust judgements and breaking pledges cause enemies to overyower people.
> Cheating in weight and measure causes droughts, poverty and tyranny
> Misappropriation of trusts cause fear of the enemy to become overpowering
> Love for this world and dislike for death causes cowardice and causes the enemy to lose all fear for one.

Hadhrat Thowbaan RAH. reports from Rasulullaah SAW. that a time will come when the Kulfaar will call each other to destroy the Muslims just as people call each other to the table to partake of a meal. "O Rasulullaah SAW. one of the Sahabah RADI. asked, "Will it be because we will be few in number at the time?" No," Rasulullaah SAW. replied, In fact, you will be many in number, just like the debris that floats on floodwater, but the enemy will have no fear for you." Rasulullaah SAW. then explained that the reasons for this condition will be that love for this world will have penetrated the hearts of the Muslims and love for death will have disappeared.

For the enemy to have fear for one in their hearts is a great favour of Allaah, which is attained by practicing on the Shari'ah and the Sunnah. Rasulullaah SAW. said that the person who is meticulous about the Sunnah will be blessed with four favour's: (1) love for him in the hearts of the pious, (2) fear for him in the hearts of the sinful. (3) abundance in sustenance and (4) a deep understanding of the Deen.

WIDESPREAD PLJNISHMENT FOR FORSAKING AMR BIL MA'ROOF WAN NAHY ANIL MUNKAR: Allaah declares in the Qur'aan: "Beware of a trial (punishment) that will affect not only the oppressive (wrongdoing) ones from you (but will affect the righteous as well because they did not make an effort to stop the others from sin despite having the ability to do so) ! Know that surely Allaah is severe in punishment." Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas? RADI. reports from Rasulullaah SAW. that Allaah commands people not to allow sin to prevail in their communities. Should they allow this and make no efforts to prevent it despite having the ability to do so, they will be afflicted with a punishment before which neither the good nor the sinful will be spared.

Imaam Baghawi RAH. reports from Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood RADI. and Hadhrat Aa'isha RADI. a Hadith in which Rasulullaah SAW. said that Allaah will never inflict a general punishment on all people because of the sins of a particular group unless the others do not stop the sinners despite having the ability to do so. It is then that they will all be afflicted together.

Tirmidhi and Abu Dawood reports from Hadhrat Abu Bakr RADI. That Rasulullaah SAW. said in one of his sermons that when people do narrates that restrain the hand of a tyrant when they are able to do so, the time will not be far when Allaah will afflict them all with His punishment.

Hadhrat Hudhayfah RADI. reports that Rasulullaah SAW. said, "You people must command people to do good and prevent them from evil, otherwise a time will come when Allaah will afflict you with punishment and even when you will make du'aa to Him, your du'aas will be reiected.

When Hadhrat Aa'isha RADI. was once asked about the cause of earthquakes, she replied that they are triggered off when people indulge in fornication, alcoholism, dancing and music. They will be saved if they repent, otherwise their lofty buildings will all be brought down to rubble.

We will see all these types of sins by looking in our very own homes. We will see that people, especially women , are negligent about their salaah and no one pays heed to the hallmarks of Islaam. Muslim women are generally guilty of immodesty and only a few observe Purdah. What more can be said when people actually take pride in sins such as watching television and videos? This, despite the severe warnings in the Ahadeeth about music and dancing.

Hadhrat Imraan bin Husayn RADI. reports that Rasulullaah SAW. said, "In this Ummah there shall be incidents of sinkings of the ground, disfigurement of people and stones raining from the skies." When someone asked when such incidents will take place. Rasulullaah SAW. replied, "When dancing women and musical instruments will become commonplace and wine will be widely consumed."

Rasulullaah SAW. once mentioned that at the end of time there shall be people who will be transfigured into monkeys and pigs. "O Rasulullaah SAW. the Sahabah RADI. asked, "Will it be because they will not believe in Laa Ilaaha Illallaah Muhammadur Rasulullaah SAW? "No," Rasulullaah SAW. replied. "Then what will be the cause?" the Sahabah RADI. Asked Rasulullaah SAW. replied, "They will adopt dancing and playing musical instruments as a trade.

Turning away from the Deen of Allaah and the Sunnah of Rasulullaah SAW. an extremely dangerous act, which attracts Allaah's anger, as it happened to so many nations of? the past. Allaah says: 40. We seized (punished) each of them (the previous nations) on account of his sin. Against one of them (the Aad) We sent a violent wind (to destroy them). One of them (the Thamud) was seized (destroyed) by a shout. One of them (Qaaroon) was swallowed by the ground and we drowned another (Fir'oun and his army). Allaah was never one to oppress them (by punishing them without first sending guidance to them), but they used to oppress themselves (by refusing to accept the guidance that came to them).

This verse warns the Mu'mineen against behaving like the nations of the past If we wish to save ourselves, we must follow the Deen of Allaah and lead our lives according to the Shari'ah.


1. The real solution for all such calamities and hardships is to turn to Allaah in repentance and resolve never to return to sin. We must then beg Allaah to remove the calamity and ensure that we perform our salaah diligently. Every person should do his best to ensure that every male in the household performs every salaah in the

Masjid and that every female performs her salaah at home. Children should also be encouraged to perform salaah. This is because Allaah says: "O you who have Imaan Seek? Allaah's assistance through patience and salaah, for verily Allaah is with the patient ones."

Hadhrat Abdul Qaadir Jaylaani RAH. says: "you people are absolutely negligent of Allaah. You ought to wake up to Him by ensuring that you adhere t the Masaajid and sent salutations in abundance to Rasulullaah SAW. Rasulullaah SAW. said that if a fire were to descend from the skies, it will only be the people of the Masaajid who will be saved Your relationship with Allaah has been severed because you have become lazy with your salaah. Therefore, Rasulullaah SAW. has said that the closest a person can draw to Allaah is when he is in Sajdah.

An effort should therefore be made that everyone in the neighbourhood is particular about all their salaahs.

2. Repent and seek forgiveness from all sins. Allaah says in the Qur'aan: "AIIaah shall not punish them as long as they seek forgiveness.?? The book Darsul Qur?aan states that when the repentance of a Kaafir can prevent punishment in this world, it is even more likely that the repentance of a Muslim will do the same. In a Hadith of Tirmidhi, Rasulullaah SAW. says, "Allaah has granted my Ummah two securities (to protect them against punishment) and these are my presence and repentance. When I am taken from them, I shall leave repentance as their security until the Day of Qiyaamah."

Another Hadith states that Shaytaan said, "O Allaah! I swear by your honour that I shall continue misleading your servants as long as there is life in their bodies." To this, Allaah said. "I swear by My honour that I shall continue forgiving them as long as they repent." There were some Muslims during the time of Rasulullaah SAW. who were too weak to migrate to Madinah and remained in Makkah. Because they were constantly repenting to Allaah. no punishment came to the people of Makkah.

3. Another excellent solution to the problems is for the wealthy to pay their zakaah in full and to also give money as Sadaqah. They should regard their wealth to be a? favour from Allaah and save themselves from abusing and wasting it because Allaah says: "Verily those who squander are the brothers of Shaytaan.

4. Importance should be given to recitation of the Qur'aan, Dhikr and making du'aa with humility. Recite Durood in abundance, learn the Masnoon du'aas for all occasions and make du'aa both in congregation and in private. We may also gather the women and children in our households and make du'aa collectively. We must also often recite the du'aa:


5. Take extra precautions not to sin. Eliminate all singing and dancing in your homes, such as the TV and video machines and abstain from everything that leads to fornication. Women should observe purdah, wine and all intoxicants must be avoided together with all the sins already mentioned. Other sins to be avoided are usurping the wealth of orphans (which many women do by taking everything their husbands leave behind). depriving females of inheritance. oppressions, backbiting, breaking promises, tying and especially swearing false oaths. Others include misappropriating trusts. omitting the dues owed to Allaah (such as salaah, zakaah.Hajj, etc), stealing, paying or receiving interest or recording and being witness to interest transactions. Also to be avoided are failing to give advice when in a position to do so, slandering, being proud, gambling (buying lottery tickets as well), bribing and insulting religious leaders.

6. Give importance to giving your children Deeni education and bringing then up according to Islaamic teachings. They must be taught Islaamic beliefs and mannerisms. This must be regarded as a compulsory duty just as feeding and clothing them is. Allaah says. "O you who have Imaan! Save yourselves and your families front the fire of Jahannam.

Rasulullaah SAW. said. 'Each one of you is a shepherd and will be questioned about his flock (on the Day of Qiyaamah)." Arrangements must therefore be made for the Deeni education of every child in every home.

7. Develop unity and forsake all differences and bickerinq between yourselves. Allaah says, "Obey (the commands of') Allaah and His Rasool and do not fall into dispute (quarrels) with each other, for then you will become cowardly (weak) and your strength will be lost. Exercise sabr, for verily Allaah is with those who exercise sabr."? Allaah says in another verse: "HoId fast to the rope of Allaah and do not divide.

8. Have all your problems resolved by the Ulema and follow the guidance they give you in accordance with the Deen. Hadhrat Abdul Qaadir Jaylaani RAH. said, "When you present yourselves before the Ulema and (after asking their advice) when you do not accept what they tell you, this will be a allegation against you on the Day of Qiyaamah, It will be a sin against you, just as a person would be sinful for meeting with Rasulullaah SAW. and not accepting what he says."

A Hadith warns, "These shall come a time upon my Ummah when people will run away from the Ulema and Fuqahaa. They will then be afflicted with three calamities: the first being that blessings will be removed from their earnings, the second will be that Allaah will allow tyrants to rule over them and third will be that they till leave the world without Imaan."

Hadhrat Ali RADI. reports from Rasulullaah SAW. that when the Ummah Will hate the Ulema, raise high buildings in their marketplaces and marry their children on the merit of wealth, four types of punishment will afflict them They will suffer (1) droughts, (2) oppression at the hands of tyrants, (3) misappropriation of trusts from their leaders and (4) repeated attacks front their enemies. Which of these are not afflicting the Ummah today? To whom can we then complain when we are adopting the means to these?:

Muslims must therefore respect their Ulema, benefit from their company and not say a word to humiliate them. If anyone has said something against them, he must repent.? Allaama Khattaabi RAH. describes a time when people disrespected the Ulema. (Addressing the Ulema.) He says. "Forsake those who seem interested in being in your company and who wish to learn from you. You have no friends amongst them because while they appear to be your brothers, they are really you enemies. They praise you when they meet you, but backbite about you in your absence. When one of them comes to you, he appears to be your guardian, but when he leaves you, he speaks ill of you. You should therefore never be fooled by them gathering around you and their welcoming faces. Their only objective is to use you as a ladder to their motives and a donkey to carry their agendas. Should you ever fall short of fulfilling any of their objectives, they will become the worst of your enemies. They consider their visits to you as a favour to you and your visits to them as a bounden duty. They want you to surrender your honour and Deen to them and to become their lowly slave after you had once been a leader."

You should therefore honour the Ulema and never allow any word of disrespect escape your lips, which may hurt them. Allaah says in a Hadith Qudsi, "I declare war on anyone who hurts any of My friends."

9. Make every attempt to create an environment of brotherhood in which every person is accorded his due rights as a human being and even non- Muslims are treated with good character. Abstain from all acts that may lead to discord and evil and never show cowardice when confronted with a situation where fighting is the only way out. However, do take heed of all the requirements of the Shari'ah in such a case. Some of these are:

> Do not kill and old person (if he is not fighting you)
> Do not kill a woman (if she is not fighting you)
> Do not kill children
> Never damage their places of worship
> Never mutilate anyone
> Never cut down a fruit-bearing tree
> Never burn any living being
> Never destroy crops
> Never kill animals such as cows, goats, sheep, etc.

10. Make an effort to educate the people of your country about the Deen. Ensure that they are told about the reality of Towheed and Risaalah because we owe it to them to save them from Jahannam.

May Allaah pass the decision of good for all of the Ummah, grant them unity and protect them from every evil. Aameen. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.1