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Human Rights

The anarchy and violation of human rights taking place today has reached all heights and people harm and hurt others for no reason. They will also think nothing of damaging the property of others, even though all of mankind are the children of one man. Please furnish a detailed reply about the Islaamic perspective on the issue.
Answer: Because all of mankind are the progeny of Hadhrat Aadam ALY. and Hadhrat Hawwa RADI. they all need to respect each other and be well-wishers of each other regardless of their nationality and religion. They should not harm each other, express happiness at the happiness of others and be grieved by their grief. The humanity in every human is the greatest asset he has and no human should ever deprive himself of this boon by adopting bestial instincts. When he does this, he cannot be regarded to be a human. Islaam has greatly emphasised human rights and being compassionate and caring towards fellow humans.

The well-wisher of mankind Rasulullaah SAW. said, ?All of mankind are the children of Aadam ALY. and he was created from sand. Hadhrat Jareer RADI. reports that Rasulullaah ttridj said, "Allaah does not show mercy towards those who do not show mercy to others." It is therefore learnt that being compassionate towards others attracts the compassion of Allaah.

Another Hadith states that Rasulullaah SAW. said, "Ar Rahmaan (Allaah The Most Merciful) has mercy on those who are merciful towards others. Show mercy to those on earth and the One in the heavens shall show mercy to you.

Hadhrat Anas RADI. and Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood RADI. Both narrate that Rasulullaah SAW. said, "All of creation are the family of Allaah and the most beloved of all of them to Allaah are those who are kind towards Allaah's family.

Hadhrat Anas RADI. also reports that Rasulullaah SAW. said, "When a youngster respects an old man because of his age Allaah shall appoint people who will respect him when he gets old.

These are few of the Ahadeeth that highlight human rights. They direct people to break through the barriers of nationality and creed and to be compassionate and caring towards other people solely on the basis of them being human. These Ahadeeth do not confine their directives towards Muslims.
In his famous Gulistaan, Sheikh Saadi RAH. says that all of mankind are like the limbs of the same body and have been created from the same basic elements. Therefore, just as one limb is affected by the suffering of the others, so too should people be affected by the suffering of the others. When this does not happen to a person, he should excluded himself from the human species.

Let alone showing compassion towards other people, people should be compassionate to animals as well. Rasulullaah SAW. related an incident of an extremely thirsty man who finally found a well. He went down the well and drank to his fill. When he came up. he found a dog hanging its tongue out and licking the ground because of its thirst. The man said to himself, "This dog is suffering the thirst I had been suffering." He then went back down the well filled his shoe with water and, holding the dog by the mouth, gave it them water to drink. Allaah loved this act and forgave all the man's sins. After listening to this, the Sahabah RADI. asked, "O Rasulullaah SAW. Will we be rewarded for being kind to animals as well." "Certainly," Rasulullaah SAW. replied, "you will be rewarded for your kindness towards any living creature."

Humanitarians are greatly respected in this world and are even spoken about after their deaths. We should therefore lead lives in which we never cause any harm to anyone. Remember the time when everyone was laughing with happiness when you were born and live your life in a manner that they will all be weeping (in sadness) when you leave this world. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.1