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Hajj with not be Performed by Visiting the Tomb at Ajmer Seven times PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Hajj - General

Hajj with not be Performed by Visiting the Tomb at Ajmer Seven times

Q: Hajj-34: Many ignorant people believe that one will be absolved of the obligation of Hajj if one visits the tomb of Khwaja Mu?eenud Deen Chisti RAH. for seven years. Please shed more light on this issue.

Answer: In the terminology of the Shari'ah, Islaam refers to following the commands of Allaah according to the guidance and teachings of Rasulullaah SAW. The five pillars of Islaam are (1) the Shahaadah,(2) salaah, (3) zakaah. (4) fasting und (5) Hajj These fundamentals are all independent of each other and cannot be substituted for each other. Furthermore, each of them need to be carried out according to their regulations and not as one pleases to do. For example. even if one gives thousands in Sadaqah as a substitute for sacrificing an animal for Qurbaani, it will never take the place of sacrificing an animal costing only a few hundreds.

The Hajj is a blessed pillar of Islaam, is Fardh Ain and amongst the hallmarks of Islaam. Any person who rejects its compulsion is a Kaafir and it can be fulfilled only in Makkah during the specified days of Dhul Hijjah. In fact, it is Haraam to carry out the actions and rites of Hajj anywhere else.

It is reported in Nisaabul Ihtisaab (Pg.60) that when a group of people left for Baytul Muqaddas in the fashion of people heading for Hajj, Hadhrat Umar RADI. used a whip to stop them, saying, "Do you wish to make Baytul Muqaddas like the Masjidul Haraam?"

Ponder for awhile. Baytul Muqaddas is that place which was the Qibla at one stage in Islaam. where the reward for a single salaah equal fifty thousand salaahs elsewhere and is the place where countless Ambiyaa ALY. are buried. This is that blessed place where Rasulullaah SAW. led thousands of Ambiyaa ALY. in salaah before leaving for the journey of Mi'raaj. Now if it is not permissible to treat this auspicious place like the Kabah, how can it be permissible to do so for the tomb of Khwaja Mu'eenud Deen Chisti RAH. Regarding visits to the tomb as being similar to Hajj stems from irreligiousness and paganism. May Allaah save us all from this. Hadhrat Ghowth RAH. stated, "Shirk is not merely the worship of idols, but it is to follow the dictates of the Nafs.

The gist of it all is that it to undertake a special journey to Ajmer in the manner that people visit the Masjidul Haraam, Masjidun Nabawi and Masjidul Aqsa is not permissible.

Hadhrat Shah Wali'ullaah Muhaddith Dehlawi RAH. says, "It is my view that there lies the ruination of the Deen in the manner in which ignorant people go to certain places, regarding them to be auspicious and blessed. Rasulullaah SAW. has shut the door to such acts so that things that are not hallmarks of Islaam do not become such and so that others besides Allaah should not become objects of worship.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3