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1 Is there any category of person whose hunted animal cannot be eaten? 1326
2 Is it permissible to hunt animals whose flesh cannot be eaten? 1289
3 What is the ruling if the first man wounded it and then the second shot and killed it? 1181
4 A man shot an animal. He neither wounded it nor demarcated it. A second man shot and killed it. Does it belong to the first man or the second? Can it be eaten? 1023
5 What is the ruling of hunting with Bunduqiyah [catapult]? 1124
6 The arrow was shot and its side struck the animal. What is the ruling? 1122
7 What is the ruling if the animal got cut into two portions? 1113
8 What is the ruling if when shooting an animal, an organ is cut off? 1187
9 A man shot an animal. It bore the arrow and disappeared. The hunter then found it dead. Can he eat it? 1166
10 Does the ruling change if it fell on the earth in the beginning and then died? 1119
11 He shot an animal which then fell into water. The hunter then found it dead. Or it fell on a mountain or roof and then bounced down to the earth and died. What is the ruling? 786
12 You have mentioned hunting by birds and beasts of prey.Is there another method of hunting? 921
13 The hunter despatched his trained dog. Another dog joined it in killing. The second dog was either a non-trained dog, the Fire-worshipper's dog, or a dog upon which Allaah's Name had not been recited upon despatch. What is the status of the meat? 793
14 If the dog or cheetah strangles the animal and it dies before being slaughtered, can it be eaten? 866
15 You have stipulated that the animal be trained. What does its training entail? 978
16 Why have you stipulated wounding and death? 1292
17 If the hunter sends out the trained dog or cheetah and it kills a beast, is it Halal? 969
18 How does a Muslim hunt? 983
19 What is Sayd? 928