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1 A man was forced to leave Islaam and utter words of disbelief. Is his wife separated from him? 1184
2 Will the Hadd be inflicted if a man was forced to commit Zina? 1368
3 What then are his options for reimbursement of the Dowry or value of his slave? 1331
4 A man divorced his wife or freed his slave under duress. Is the divorce and manumission valid? 1610
5 If the killing is 'amad, upon who will retaliation be inflicted? 1359
6 What is the status of the induced person who kills a Muslim? 1274
7 A man is threatened with death unless he kills another Muslim. Can he comply? 1303
8 Can the owner of the destroyed goods hold the one who forced him liable? 1233
9 Can he comply if forced by threat of loss of life or limb to destroy the possessions of a Muslim? 1185
10 Is he a sinner if he perseveres and refuses to utter the words of Kufr until he is slain? 1137
11 If he then fears for loss or life or limb, can he then express disbelief, may Allaah save us? 884
12 A man is threatened with chains, jail or beating unless he denies Allaah or vilifies Rasulullaah (S.A.W.) He is considered forced? 884
13 Does he not have the option of persevering and on what he has been threatened with and undergo death or loss or limb? 958
14 A man was threatened with jail, beating or chains if he does not eat carrion or drink wine. What is the ruling? 930
15 Can the coerced hold the [third party] coercer liable? 904
16 The seller sold under duress. The buyer was not forced and the goods perished in his possession. Is he liable? 933
17 He was forced to sell. He took the price under duress. What is his duty? 1017
18 A man was forced to sell his goods or to buy goods; or to confess that he owes someone 1000 Dirham; or to rent his house. He was threatened with death, beating or detention. He therefore agreed. The force was then removed. What is the ruling? 736
19 Under what circumstances is coercion established? 966