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1 Is it possible for the dead to communicate with the living and can the living hear them? Please furnish a detailed reply. 1406
2 The Rights Owed to Muslims, the Importance of Maintaining Family Ties and Forty Ahadeeth in this Regard 1343
3 Human Rights 1151
4 What do the Ulema of Deen say about the notion that is famous amongst the people that it was on the last Wednesday of Safar that Rasulullaah SAW. was cured of his illness and for this reason people ought to celebrate by eating, distributing sweets and goi 938
5 Is there any basis for celebrating the last Wednesday of Safar in which schools and Madrassahs have holidays. It is said that it was on this day that Rasulullaah SAW. was cured of his illness, took a bath and went out to relax. Muslims should therefore ce 1280
6 Women generally think that the month of Safar is a month of bad luck, especially the first thirteen days. They say that no marriage proposal or journey should take place during this time, otherwise it will result in untold harm. Is this belief correct? 1095
7 My plantation is being destroyed for several years now. The crops never ripen, the seeds rot or some other disaster takes place. Please tell me what to do to protect my farm from ruin. 988
8 A Molvi Sahib tells us that according to a Hadith of Tirmidhi, it is forbidden to sleep with one leg on top of the knee of the other leg. A person will therefore be sinful for doing so. Is this correct? 1015
9 What must be done with pages of the Qur'aan that are old, decayed and tattered? What is the ruling about someone who burns them before burying them? 1275
10 What is the ruling with regard to buying daily, weekly or monthly magazines and newspapers? The reason for objecting is that the number of pages being sold are not specified, neither are the dimensions of the pages. Also not specified is the amount of new 1012
11 Is it necessary to circumcise a new Muslim who is an adult? Someone mentioned that willingly exposing the Satr is Haraam and the circumcision demands that some sees the actual private part and even touches it. What is the ruling in the Shari'ah? Please gi 858
12 It was written in an Urdu booklet that in some Madrassahs, children are taught the Kalimah in broken phrases. When teaching them Laa Ilaaha Illallaah, a child recites only Laa Ilaaha ('there is none worthy of worship') and then remains silent. The other c 760