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1 Can I do Istikhara for my exam. If yes then how? For example if I do istikhra for my physics paper then what could i find about my paper. 669
2 My work area is mostly of Christians but my manager is a Muslim. What he does is he gives gifts to everyone on Christmas including me. I told him not to but his argument was that to take it and consider it as an yearly gift, not as a Christmas gift. But s 559
3 Attending Barelwi Gatherings & Kissing The Thumbs During Azaan 653
4 Are the sifat (Attributes) of Allah Ta'ala eternal and everlasting? 787
5 Why is it Haraam to say "Ya Muhammad"? 921
6 Are the books of the previous Anbiyaa Qadeem or Haadith? 543
7 Does the following words constitute Shirk? 500
8 Can I pray for a non- muslim girl for guidance? 495
9 1. Should muslims visit the graves? 2. Should we request others to make dua for us? 3. How many times should we do raf-ul-yadain (raising the hands) in Salah? 437
10 Why do Muslims don't get baptized whereas they believe in Jesus? 481
11 What do we believe about non-Muslims who did not receive the message of Islam? 349
12 Regarding the best times for making dua 335
13 Is Taweez (Amulet) permissible? 355
14 Can I make this dua? 368
15 Somebody called me 'Allah', what do I do? 296
16 What effect does the numbering system have? 321
17 Did Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam act according to his own will or by Allah Ta'ala's will? 308
18 What are the consequences of saying, "I don't believe in Allah"? 303
19 I reenacted the cross movement in thought am I still Muslim? 296
20 Proof for the Prophet being alive in the grave, what is Imam Bukhari?s/Muslim?s maslak? 285
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