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1 Can the slaughter be paid his fee from the meat? 889
2 What should he do with the blanket and rope of the Hady? 871
3 What is the ruling of hanging around its neck? 804
4 What should he do if he was brining a Budanah and it was about to perish on the way? 868
5 What is the ruling if a defect afflicts the Hady which prevents its validity for slaughter? 872
6 If the Hady perishes on the way, what should he do? 813
7 May he use the milk of the sheep or camel he is bringing for slaughter? 785
8 A man was bringing a camel and then was forced to ride it, may he do so? 855
9 Is it wajib to slaughter or make Nahr oneself? 858
10 What is the difference between Zabh [slaughter across the throat] and Nahr [spearing the throat]? 1491
11 Is it wajib to take the Hady to Arafat? 803
12 Is it wajib to give the meat of the Hady as sadaqah to the poor of the Haram? 801
13 What is the ruling of delaying the Hady of Tamattu, or Qiran after the Days of Nahr? 717
14 Is there a specified time for slaughtering Hady? 767
15 Can the meat of Hady be eaten? 761
16 What is the ruling of 7 people sharing in a Hady and one of them has only made intention of the meat? 775
17 Can more than one person share in the slaughter of certain Hady? 716
18 In what circumstances are camels and cattle specified for slaughter? 724
19 Can one slaughter the Hady wherever one wishes? 687
20 Can an animal which has only a part of an ear or tail cut off be used as a Hady? 705
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