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1 Who sells the Rahn if there is no executor? 1118
2 If the Rahin dies before settlement of the debt, how can the Murtahin claim his debt? 1203
3 Can the Murtahin ask for the Rahn back after he returned it? 1073
4 The ruling if the Murtahin returns the collateral to the rahin? 1218
5 If the Murtahin exceeded the bounds on the collateral, how is his liability treated? 1152
6 If he left it in the care or trust of someone outside his household, what is the ruling? 1114
7 Can the Murtahin leave the collateral with his wife on child for safekeeping? 1124
8 A man sold a slave on condition that the buyer gives a specific item as collateral for the price. The buyer refused to hand over the collateral. what is the status of the sale and the Rahn? 956
9 If one debt is paid, can the rahin take back that proportion from the collateral? 1068
10 What is the liability in that single item? 1060
11 A man took a joint loan from two men. He gives a single item as Rahn. What is the ruling? 850
12 The Murtahin already took the collateral. He now wants more collateral or the debtor wants an increase in the debt. What is the ruling? 816
13 If the original collateral perished and the produced remained? 895
14 The produce remained in the hands of the Murtahin and perished in his hands. What is the ruling? 846
15 Who owns any produce of the collateral e.g. milk, a baby, wool, fruit etc? 852
16 Who pays the living expenses of the collateral? 832
17 If the collateral is a goat or camel for example, and needs a herder. Who pays his fees? 831
18 The Murtahin needs to hire premises for the collateral. Who pays that cost? 893
19 If the colltateral causes damage to the persons or wealth of the Rahin or the Murtahin, who is responsible? 841
20 What is the ruling of the Murtahin damaging the collateral? 807
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