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1 A boy or girl is close to the age of puberty and it is not clear if they have attained puberty. They declare that they have attained puberty. Will their word be accepted? 814
2 Do all three Imams say that? 947
3 At what age will a boy or girl be declared to have attained adulthood? 1058
4 A man bought something and took possession of it. He is indebted for the price. He then becomes bankrupt and has creditors from before this sale. The goods he bought are still with him. Can the creditor claim it exclusively? 741
5 A man was pious and became a sinner. Will he be incapacitated? 1031
6 Will an open sinner be declared incapacitated? 897
7 Do they other two Imams differ in this? 1127
8 Can the creditors be kept away from him after he was released when no wealth was discovered? 1034
9 Will the judge detain him forever or for a set time? 1072
10 The debtor is not known to have any wealth. When the creditors seek an interdict against him he says, "I have no wealth. What can the judge do?" What is the ruling? 763
11 What is the ruling of the incapacitated bankrupt person confessing to a debt during his incapacitation? 670
12 What do Imaam Abu Yusuf RAH. and Imaam Muhammed RAH. say about declaring a bankrupt man incapacitated? 690
13 It is apparent that the debtor owns Dirharn and Dinar. How will the judge see to the payment of the debt? 848
14 A bankrupt man has wealth but refuses to pay his Debts. Will the judge intervene in his wealth according to Imaam Abu Hanifa RAH.? 683
15 What is the ruling of preventing a bankrupt person who has outstanding debts from transacting? 858
16 A Safih is sick and leaves a bequest for relatives and other good avenues of spending. Is the bequest valid? 714
17 Is the safih permitted to perform the Fard Hajj? 872
18 What is the ruling of a Safih marrying? 699
19 What is the ruling of a safih freeing his slave? 749
20 What do Imaam Abu Yusuf RAH. And Imaam Muhammed RAH. say about the Safih? 719
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