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1 Under what circumstances does the agency dissolve? 1036
2 If the principle terminates the agency and the agent still transacts after that, what is the ruling? 1065
3 An agent sold goods. He gave a pledge of responsibility for the buyer’s debt. Is this valid? 998
4 A man said,to someone who was keeping a wadi'ah (commodity under one's safe keeping), "l.am appointed to collect the wadi'ah. If the person believed him will he be ordered to hand it to the "agent"? 840
5 The judge ordered the debtor to pay the debt to the one who claimed to be the agent because the debtor believed him. The absent creditor then comes. What will the judge order the agent and the debtor? 874
6 A man claims that he is an agent for collection of debt on behalf of an absent principle. Will the debtor be ordered to pay him? 956
7 Can an agent for dispute confess against his own principle? 1018
8 Can an agent be authorised to collect a debt dispute [in court]? 952
9 Can an agent appointed for dispute retain whatever he obtained from the dispute? 982
10 An agent was appointed to buy any stave. He bought a slave. To whom does the slave belong? 1000
11 An agent was appointed to buy a specific item. Can he buy it for himself? 748
12 The agent was appointed to buy 10 Ritl of meat for 1 Dirham. He bought 20 for 1 Dirham of such meat which is normally sold @ 10 Ritl for a Dirham. What is the principle liable for? 668
13 What is the ruling of an agent appointed to buy a slave and he bought half? 753
14 Agent was appointed to sell his principle's slave and he sold half the slave. Is that permissible? 710
15 What is an excessive price which people would not tolerate? 781
16 What are the restrictions on the price the buying agent pays? 774
17 Can an agent of selling, sell cheap and expansive prices? 745
18 Are there restrictions upon the transactions of the agent? 740
19 What is the ruling if the agent appointed a second agent without permission and the second agent concluded a transaction? 728
20 Can an agent appoint an agent to do what he was appointed to do? 730
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