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1 A man usurped a mount and rode it/a house and inhabited it/a slave and used his services. He did this for a month for example. Does he owe anything for the benefit he got? 1005
2 A man usurped a slave-girl- He or someone else had intercourse with her whilst she was in his hands. She gave birth as a result and her value dropped. Who is liable for the loss? 956
3 The usurped item increased in the hands of the usurper. What is the ruling? 1093
4 A man usurped a land and built a building or planted trees. What is the ruling? 1122
5 Usurpation does not occur on land, but if someone took over land and whether by his actions or residence the land is damaged is he liable? 1080
6 When you defined Ghasb you stipulated that it must be of "respectable wealth with monetary value which can be transferred..." What is the relevance of these conditions? 922
7 A man burnt the cloth of someone else. What is the ruling? 937
8 A man slaughtered a sheep without the owner's permission. What can the owner do? 1082
9 He usurped gold/silver and made it into Dirham/Dinar or vessels. Has the ownership been transferred? 1064
10 The usurper became liable to pay for the missing usurped item whether through the word of the owner; the proof of the owner; the refusal of the usurper to take an oath; or the oath of the usurper. The item is then found and its price is more than the amou 816
11 The usurped item disappeared and the owner claimed the price. The two parties differ in the evaluation. What will be paid? 837
12 If a man usurps land and builds on it? 683
13 A man usurped a white cloth and dyed it red; cereal which he mixed with butter, what is the ruling? 811
14 A usurped item changed because of the usurper in a manner that it is no longer called the same item and its major benefits have been lost e.g. a man usurps a sheep, slaughtered it and roasts/cooks it; or wheat and he ground it; or iron and he made a sword 731
15 What is the effect of damage to the usurped goods? 799
16 Does it make a difference if the item perished on its own and if the usurper destroyed it? 754
17 What will the substitute be? 740
18 A man usurped something and claims that it perished. What is the ruling against him? 777
19 What is Ghasb? 955