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Divorce with conditions
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1 Divorce in Exchange for Dowry 1026
2 Saying, "You are Detached from my Marriage" 899
3 If he says, "You are divorced thrice except one/thrice except two," what is the status of the exception? 1140
4 If he says, "You are divorced tomorrow," when does the divorce occur? 1089
5 If he says, "You are divorced if you enter Makkah," is that different from the above question? 1034
6 If he says, "You are divorced in Makkah," and she is not in Makkah, what is the ruling? 1059
7 If he says, "If you menstruate you are divorced/ If you menstruate a menses period then you are divorced," what is the status of these conditions? 886
8 What do you mean, “…affecting the woman personally"? 1100
9 Certain matters are only known to the wife.If he made a condition of such matters then whose word is accepted, e.g. he says,"If you bleed your menstruation then you are divorced."How will the matter be resolved if they dispute the occurrence of the condit 871
10 He made a divorce attached to a condition. The couple then dispute whether the condition is found. Whose word will be accepted? 1093
11 He attached a condition to divorce but divorced her normally before the condition could occur. She was separated from him and then the condition occurred. He then remarries her. Is she divorced? 818
12 He says to her, “If you enter the house you are divorced, He then divorces her with a normal pronouncement. After Her 'iddah he remarries her. She then enters the house. Does the divorce fall? 780
13 If he says, "Every woman I marry I divorce," will each woman be divorced whom he marries for the rest of his life? 821
14 She was divorced thrice because of the recurring condition as above. She marries another man and then remarries the first husband. If she again enters the house is she divorced? 799
15 Are there such words whereby the divorce will recur if the condition recurs? 983
16 What do you mean by release from the oath? 887
17 What words are used in these conditions, what is the Status of using them? 929
18 If he says to a stranger, "If you enter the house you are divorced." He then marries her and she enters the house. Does the divorce fall? 910
19 If he adds a condition like, "If you enter the house you are divorced," what is the ruling? 911
20 A man says, "If I marry you then you are divorced." What is the status of this addition? 1160