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Remarrying a woman given Bain or three divorces
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1 A man divorces his wife thrice. She says, "I completed my 'Iddah and married another man who had sex with me. He divorced me and I completed that 'Iddah." Can the first husband marry her? 869
2 A man divorces his wife thrice. She marries another man and returns to the first in accordance to all requirements of Shari'ah. How many times can the first husband divorce her? 837
3 A man divorces a freewoman once or twice. After her 'Iddah she marries a second man. She later remarries the first husband. How many divorces can the first husband" give her? 869
4 A man marries a woman who was divorced Mughallazh in order to make her Halal for the first husband. Is the marriage valid? Can she marry the first husband after sex with the second husband? 847
5 A woman was given Mughallazh divorce. After her 'Iddah a man married his near pubescent [Murahiq] son to her. The boy has sex with her. Does this sex make her permissible for the first husband? 864
6 The ayah does not mention sex with the second husband. Why have you made it a condition? 1028
7 A slave-girl was given two divorces. Her divorce is thus Mughallazh. Her owner then has sex with her by right of ownership. Does that sex make it pemissible for her husband to remarry her? 861
8 What do you mean "proper marriage"? What effect does this benefit have? 949
9 A man divorces his freewoman wife thrice, whether according to Sunnah or Bid'ah. Can he remarry her? 958
10 If a man gives his wife a Bain divorce less than three, may he remarry her? 970