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1 A woman gives birth to twins. The husband negates one and accepts the other. What is the ruling of Li'an and establishment of lineage? 1018
2 When is the man's negation of the wife's child in effect? 1101
3 If he says, "You committed Zina and this foetus is not mine," what effect do these words have? 1020
4 If the husband says, "This foetus is not mine," will Li'an commence? 1056
5 A mute accuses his wife. will the judge decree Li'an between them? 981
6 And if the husband slanders her and she is minor/insane? 1006
7 A man slanders his minor/insane wife. What is the status of Li'an between them? 970
8 A woman fornicated and was inflicted with the Hadd. A man then makes Qazaf against her. Can he then marry her? 994
9 A man standers a woman who is not his wife and is inflicted with the Hadd. Can they marry each other? 1044
10 Can he now marry her a second time? 1071
11 After the Li'an the man recants his accusation and accepts that he was false. What is the ruling? 869
12 The Judge ordered them to commence Li'an which they did. Does their marital relation still exist? Is the child's lineage established to the husband who performed Li'an? 733
13 Why have you stipulated that the couple be people who can testify and that the woman be such whose slanderer is punished? 882
14 A woman institutes a claim of slander and the judge orders Li'an. The husband is prepared to undergo it, but she now refuses" What will the judge do? 852
15 You mentioned in the previous chapter that if the husband denies the child to whom his wife gave birth to, then Li'an becomes compulsory upon him. We wish to know what is Li'an and how is it conducted? 640