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Breastfeeding and custody of children
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1 A woman is divorced and being most entitled, gets custody over her child. She then intends taking the child away from the city where the child's father is. Can she do that? 889
2 What are the custody rights of a slave-girl over her child? 971
3 What are the custody rights of a Christian/Jewish woman who bore a child for her Muslim husband? 986
4 For how long are the women entitled to custody? 948
5 If there are no women of the child's family to take custody of the child and the men fight over it, who will receive custody? 882
6 The mother does not want custody and there are no other women who can assume custody. What is the ruling? 879
7 Is the right to custody ever lost? 967
8 The couple has separated. Who is more entitled to the children? 960
9 If the mother demands a fee greater than that of the other nurse, can the father be forced to accede? 1000
10 The father hires a nurse, and the mother whose 'Iddah is complete is willing to accept the same fee as the nurse. Who is more entitled to feed the baby? 882
11 Can the mother not feed him in exchange for payment, just as another woman would be hired to do it? 846
12 A baby of breastfeeding age has both parents. Whose duty is it to see to the child's breastfeeding? 773