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1 People free their slaves for Allaah's sake. If someone says, "I free you for Satan's sake/ an idol?s sake,? is the slave free? 1391
2 Two partners own a slave and each claims that the other freed his share. Both deny that they set their share free. What is the ruling? 1318
3 You have mentioned that if a blood-relative Mahram comes into possession he is automatically free. If two partners buy or inherit a slave who is the son of one of the partners, is the slave free? If so what is the other partner's right? 1243
4 Two partners share a slave. one frees his share. What is the status of the remaining share? 1287
5 If the owner sets part of the slave free, is the part of the entire slave free? 1174
6 Is there a way of manumission without the owner setting the slave free? 1545
7 Can freedom be attached to possession or other conditions? 1345
8 What is the ruling if only the foetus is freed? 1359
9 A man frees a pregnant slave-girl. What is the status of the foetus? 1406
10 What is the ruling if a man is forced to free his slave, or was drunk when he freed the slave? 1280
11 If he says to his slave, ?you are nothing but free,? what is the ruling? 1016
12 If the owner says to his slave-girl, ?you are divorced,? and intends thereby freeing her, is she freed? 1029
13 If the owner says about a slave who cannot be his son, "This is my son" what is the ruling? 1011
14 And if he says, "o my son/ o my brother/ you are like a freeman."? 1128
15 If the owner says, 'This is my son,?* and remains firm on his statement or says, 'This is my freed-slave,? or calls him, "O my freed-slave," is the slave free? 887
16 What if he says, "I have no sultan [power] over you,?? 1089
17 What if he says, "l have no ownership over you,?? 1087
18 If the owner specifies the freedom to certain organs of the slave is the slave free? 1290
19 How does a man free his slave? 1070
20 The enemies of Islaam object that enslavement is a violation of humanity. 1151
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