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Qasamah [oath for investigating murder]
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1 Two men testified that a man outside the district had committed the murder. Will their Arsh be accepted? 863
2 A man asked to take an oath testified to a specific person having committed the murder. Will his word be taken? 865
3 What is the ruling if he accuses a specific person who is not one of them? 845
4 If the Wali makes an accusation against a specific person, does the Qasamah fall away from the rest? 805
5 If the corpse is found in a river, who will take the oath? 831
6 If the corpse is found in the desert, who takes oath? 841
7 If he is found between two towns, upon who is the Qasamah? 814
8 If he is found in the Jam' Masjid or the Highway, from which district will the 50 men be chosen? 823
9 Who takes the oath if the corpse is found in the local Masjid? 812
10 Who will take the oath if a murder victim is found on a ship? 868
11 Some of the residents of houses of a district are owners and others are tenants. Will the oath be taken from all of them? 639
12 A man was found murdered in someone's house. Who will take the oath? 717
13 A man leads a beast on which a murdered corpse is found. What is the ruling? 623
14 What is the ruling if blood is flowing from its eyes or ears? 659
15 Is there Qasamah if a corpse was found with blood flowing from its nose, anus or mouth? 683
16 A corpse was found with no sign of murder. Will Qasamah occur and Diyah Paid? 885
17 The Wali chose less than 50 men. What will be done? 648
18 The Wali chose the 50 men. Some of them refused to take the oath. What will be done? 628
19 If the Wali himself is of that district, will the oath be taken from him as well? 635
20 Are they completely absolved once they have taken the oath? 692
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