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What establishes an oath and what does not
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1 A man vowed to go to al-Busrah and did not go until he died. At what point is the vow deemed violated? 955
2 A man vows to do an act which he is incapable of, e.g. "I shall climb up to the sky/ I shall turn this rock into gold." Does this count as an oath? If so, when will the oath be regarded as violated? 745
3 A Kafir made an oath he then embraces Islaam. Does he have to pay Kaffarah if he broke the oath before or after embracing Islaam? 796
4 What is covered by the saying, "Everything Halal is Haram upon me"? 933
5 A man declares forbidden upon himself something which he is capable of. Does it become Haram? 897
6 A man swore to sin, e.g, "By Allaah, I shall not pray Salah/ I shall never speak to my father/ I shall commit murder." What should he do? 820
7 What is the ruling of swearing by anything besides Allaah, such as by Rasulullaah (S.A.W ) the Quraan or the Ka'bah? 868
8 Is it an oath if he says, "If i do so then I am an adulterer/ wine-drinker/ usurer,"? 899
9 Is it an oath if he says, "If i do so then I am a jew/ Christian/ Fire-worshipper/ Polytheist,"? 911
10 What is the ruling if he swears by Allaah and adds InshaAllaah [if Allaah wills]? 954
11 Which words constitute oaths? 2355
12 Is it an oath if he says, “Wa Haqqillahi - by Allaah’s Right,"? 891
13 What are these letters of oath? 785
14 How does one make an oath by Allaah and His Attributes? 721
15 Has he taken an oath if he says, 'if i did so, then may the anger/ displeasure of Allaah be upon me.”? 771
16 What is the status of swearing, "By the anger/ displeasure of Allaah,"? 862
17 What are the circumstances in which it will be deemed that a Muslim made an oath? 801