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1 After partition a specific part of one of their shares is rightfully claimed by a third party. 900
2 One partner says, "I was to receive until that spot, but my partner did not hand it over to me." He had not previously testified that he had received his share in full. The partner belies him. What is the ruling? 843
3 If he says, "I received my full share, then one of the partners took part of it." The other denies it. What will be done? 966
4 A partner claims that there has been a mistake, something of his is in the hands of another partner. However, he had previously testified that he had received his full share. 798
5 The one partner claims he did not receive his due share. The other partners claim that he did. Two Qasims testify that he did. Will their Arsh be accepted? 850
6 How is partition done of a shared bottom floor, or a shared top floor, or bottom floor with a shared top floor? 901
7 After the partition, the one partner still had a waterway or pathway in the property of the other. The judge had not stipulated the right to use them. Hoe will this be resolved? 835
8 How does partition take place? 921
9 How will partition be done if they share a house and land, or house and shop? 922
10 Several houses are jointly owned in the same city, how will they be divided? 961
11 Can baths and mills be divided? 734
12 What is the ruling of dividing slaves and jewels? 738
13 What is the ruling of dividing commodities? 709
14 If both partners will be harmed by partition? 692
15 Only one partner comes and seeks partition. Will the judge comply? 704
16 A group inherits property. one of them is absent. He has the entire or part of the property in his possession. Those present seek partition. Will it be divided? 571
17 Two heirs present evidence to the judge concerning the death and amount of heirs. They have the house in their hands and request a partition. There is however another absent heir. Will the judge agree to the partition based on the request of the present h 575
18 Besides inheritance, what if they claim that bought the land or claim ownership without specifying how came to possess it? 682
19 The partners request that the judge arrange for their house or property to be partitioned. They claim that they jointly inherited it. Will the judge order the partition just on their word or must he demand evidence? 615
20 Do the partners pay equal fees? 698
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