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1 When the funeral bier is being carried, some men walking in front of the others recites the Kalimah and other du'aas loudly (such as ‘Igfirli Yaa Ghafoor') until the people reach the graveyard. Is this permissible? Furthermore, is it permissible in the Sh 875
2 It has been a custom for many years here in Malawi (Central Africa that a day before the 10'th of Muharram, the Imaam of the Masjid announces that the people should gather in the Masjid the following day to perform Nafl salaah. The people then perform Naf 860
3 What is the proof for people regarding Qawaali to be an act of reward when carried out by the tombs of saints? 908
4 It is customary here for people to place Isaale Thawaab food before the poor and to then recite Surah Faatiha once and then Surah Ikhlaas thrice. The rewards are then conferred to the deceased before the food is eaten. Is this proven from the Shari'ah? 681
5 Reporting from Sha'bi, Kanzul Ibaad reports that there is no harm in kissing the graves of one's parents. A narration is reported stating that a person once approached Rasulullaah SAW. saying, O Rasulullaah SAW. I have sworn an oath that I shall kiss the 834
6 A Bid'ati Molvi says that people will be rewarded for making Tawaaf around the graves of saints, for prostrating before them out of respect and for kissing them. He also adds that those who forbid this are the Wahaabis, who are enemies of the saints. What 1106
7 What is the ruling of the Shari'ah concerning the annual Urs and Meelaad celebrations that are carried out at the tombs or Ghanqas of the saints on fixed days of the year or on the days in which they passed away? 1784
8 Why do the Ulema of Deoband forbid women from visiting graves? Why do they allow men but then forbid them'on occasions of Urs, etc.? 1518
9 What is the ruling concerning the recitation of Durood Taj? It has been said that this Durood removes calamities, plagues, droughts, disease and pain. A leaflet has now been published stating that according to the Deobandis, it is an act of Bid'ah and dev 2736
10 Does Fataawaa Rasheediyyah contain the following extract: "It is impermissible and Haraam to rehearse the martyrdom during Muharram, to commemorate the Sabeel, to drink Sharbat or milk and to collect money for Sabeel and Sharbat." Adherents to the Ridha K 1129
11 What is the ruling concerning lighting lanterns and lighting up the Masjids on the 11th of Rabee-uth-Thaani? 728
12 In the name of Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jaylaani RAH. 's Giyarwi, people extravagantly celebrate the day in which he passed away every year during the month of Rabee'uth Thaani. What is the ruling concerning this? 1103
13 When discussing the birth of Rasulullaah SAW. during the Meelaad. people stand up. Please clarify this? 890
14 What is the status of the Moulood in the Shari'ah? 4851
15 If a Ta'ziya is made of something inanimate such as the Kabah Madinah the blessed tomb of Rasulullaah SAW. Etc. why should this not be permissible? 1097
16 What is the proof for the impermissibility of making the Ta'ziya? 1729
17 What is the ruling of the Shari'ah concerning the Maatam celebration that take place every year in the name of Imaam Husayn RAH. during the ten days of Muharram? 715
18 All Kuffaar ; all in the same boat 862
19 We have a Ridha Khan office here and the people often call their scholars over. In their lecture, these scholars always speak ill of the Ulema of Deoband and even refer to them as Kuffaar. The people here are perplexed about the matter what are we to do? 4320
20 There is presently a conference of those aligned to Riza Khan being held here in Baruch. 'A number of their Molvis such as Molvi Hashmat Ali and others condemn the Ulema of Deoband and refer to them as Kuffaar and people who have left the fold o Islaam. A 1436
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