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1 In a booklet, Imaam Hasan Khaalis Askari relates an incident of the time when there was a drought in Surra man Ra’aa. According to the instruction of the Khalifah of the time, the people made du’aa for rain, but still no rain fell. It was only when a monk 1232
2 Reply to a Doubt 1143
3 Hadhrat Isa Alayhissalaam. The question of his life and second coming: 1088
4 What is the belief of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaa'ah cocerning the belief of some people that Hadhrat Isa alayhissalaam. has passed away please furnish a detailed and substantiated reply to the question. 817
5 Ahadeeth of Rasulullaah (SAW.) 1116
6 Criticising the Ambiyss alayhissalaam. and the Sahabsh RADI. in the Light of the Qur,aan the Ahadeeth and the Words of the Pious Predecessors 937
7 Can one make du'aa or send Isaale Thawaab for Rasuluilaah(SAW.) parents (do good deeds on their behalf)? 1124
8 Were Rasulullaah(SAW.) parents Muslims? 1063
9 What have the Ulema and Muftis to say in the light of the Qur’aan And Ahadeeth about whether the parents of Rasulullaah (SAW.) passed away before Rasulullaah (SAW.) announced his Nabuwwaat or afterwards? 997
10 Is it permissible to make du'aa to the Ambiyaa alayhissalaam or the Auliyaa to request them to do something for one, such as grant one children, get one a job or make one win a court case? 995