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1 Some days ago I received a letter that bears neither my name nor address. It stated that someone saw a dream in which Rasulullaah SAW. told him to tell the Muslims to perform salaah and that Qiyaamah was imminent. It stated further that if I make copies o 787
2 A person passed wind while performing salaah and knew that this nullifies the wudhu. However, he did not know that he was to terminate the salaah immediately, perform wudhu and then repeat the salaah. He thought that an act of worship as great as salaah s 864
3 A man who was born in a Muslim home lived as a Muslim for 45 years and even dutifully served as a Mu'adhin. He then (Allaah forbid!) became a Murtad (left the fold of Islaam) and became a leader of the Buddhist religion. After spending six years in this s 797
4 There are several books of omens, such as Diwaan Haafidh And other what is the ruling concerning taking omens from them? Does it affect the Imaan? 954
5 There are some Muslims who practise karate and have been to Nepal to learn it. When they meet or part with each other, they thank each other in Nepalese and bow down close to the Ruku posture Their institutions teach that it is necessary for them to thank 1058
6 The editor of a newspaper here has written that (Allaah forbid!) Rasulullaah SAW. was a new Muslim. He owner of the printing press that printed the newspaper is a Muslim. What now is the ruling concerning the person who wrote the article and the one who p 839
7 It is by the grace of Allaah that I have managed to grow a beard. However, my colleagues and some family members ridicule me and call me derogatory names. Some say that I look ugly and that I should shave it off. Will I be sinful if I shave it off under a 841
8 There is a Muslim person who attends the talks of a Jaini priest. Just as the Jaini people do, the Muslim also invites the priest home, prostrates before him, and places money at his feet. The prostration is just as is done in Sajdah. What is the status o 838
9 What is the ruling of the Shari'ah concerning assisting a person whose actions conflict with the Shari'ah? 949