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1 The Howdh (Pond) in terms of the Shari'ah 1504
2 What happens when a creature that Lives in Toilets Dies in Clean Water? 1279
3 A Pond will not Qualify as a Large Pond According to the Shari'ah when It is not Ten by Ten even though it may be very Deep 1299
4 Is the Pond in Question a Proper Pond in Terms of the Shari'ah? 1352
5 A Reply to an Aalim's Objection to a Ruling stated in Behisti Zewar and Behisti Thamar 1315
6 Purifying an Impure Well 1265
7 Will a Pond be 'Ten by Ten' when it is five hands wide and twenty hands long? 1280
8 What is the Situation when a Man Falls and Drowns in a Pond? 1632
9 A Mouse Falls into a Well 1574
10 A Dam was Half Full when Dung Fell into it. Is it Pure or Not? 1540
11 How Far from the Masjid's Well should the Toilets be? 1218
12 Will the water of a Pond Remain Pure if a Non-Muslim Stepped in it 1170
13 What is the ruling of Makruh leftovers? 1503
14 What is the ruling of a man's or animal?s (sur) [leftover food or drink]? 1493
15 Sometimes a rat is found and it was not known when it died. People have used its water for Wudu for Salah, washing clothing, vessels and other items. What should they now do? 1300
16 Some wells have a strong spring (outflow). As soon as water is taken out, it refills from the bottom. How should it be purified? 1469
17 What calculation is made when the bucket is big? 1475
18 What size of bucket is considered when taking the water out? 1340
19 You have mentioned that well-water Is pure. It is possible that impurity falls in it. How then is it purified? 1385
20 Does the death of animals in water pollute the water? 1366
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