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TAYAMMUM - purification without water
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1 Is it Permissible for Another person to make the Tayammum or someone? Who should make the intention? 1428
2 Can Tayammum be made if One is Unable to Use Cold Water 1383
3 What nullifies Tayammum? 1829
4 If his Traveling-Companion has water, must he ask him before making Tayammum? 1540
5 Is it Wajib on a traveller who does not have water to search for water? 1569
6 A traveller forgot that he bad water in his baggage. He had put it there himself or had orders someone to put it there. He made Tayammum and prayed. He then remembers the water during the Waqt. Must he repeat the Salah? 1453
7 Someone does not have water and is looking for water. Is it Wajib to delay his Salah until the end of that Salah's time [Waqt]? 1522
8 Someone is short of time, for example, he awoke just before sunrise. He does not have time to perform Wudu and Salah. May he make Tayammum? 1479
9 A man does not have Wudu and fear he will miss the Jumu'ah Salah if he makes Wudu. Can he make Tayammum? 1639
10 If the same situation befalls someone at the 'Id Salah and he needs Wudu? 1626
11 Is it possible for a healthy resident [Muqim] to make Tayammum in any situation? 1426
12 When someone makes Tayammum can he make Nafl Salah with it? 1506
13 If a house collapses and the wind blows the dust in such a way that someone's face and arms are completely covered is the Tayammum complete? May he perform Salah like that? 1239
14 With what is Tayammum made? 1431
15 Is that Tayammum for al-Hadath al-Akbar or al-Asghar? 1693
16 What is the method of Tayammum? 1486
17 Is Tayammum allowed if there is water but one is sick? 1360
18 When is Tayammum permissible for the Muhdith? 1419
19 What is Tayammum linguistically and in Shari'ah? 1486
20 Should Wudu or Tayammum be done first? 1369
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