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Kitabud Diyat [Blood Money] - Definition

Question 1893) - Explain the kinds of skull wounds.

A: There are ten kinds:
1. Hasiroh [scratching the skin without bleeding]
2. Dami'ah [blood emerges but does not flow]
3. Damiyah [blood flows]
4. Badi'ah [the skin is cut]
5. Mutatohimah [the flesh is penetrated]
6. Simhaq [the periosteum or skin between the flesh and bone is Penetrated]
7. Muwaddihah [the bone is exposed]
8. Hashimah [the bone is broken]
9. Munaqqilah [the bone moves after being broken]
10. Ammah [penetrates to the brain]

~ al-Quduri ~