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Kitabud Diyat [Blood Money] - Definition

Question 1894) - What are the rulings of these wounds?

1. Muwaddihah - if deliberate then there is Qisas?
2. There is no retaliation in other kinds of wounds.*
3. Anything less than Muwaddihah will be according to the judgement of a just Person.
4. For Muwaddihah there will be a twentieth of Diyah if it was accidental.
5. For Hashimah there will be a tenth of Diyah.
6. For Munaqqitoh there will be a tenth and twentieth of Diyah.
7. For Ammah a third of Diyah.
8. For Jaifah* there is a third of Diyah.If it penetrates both [hollows] then it is two Jaifah and for that there is two-thirds of Diyah.

* Because exact equality cannot be assured.

* Wound which penetrates to the hollow of the stomach or back.

~ al-Quduri ~