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Kitabud Da'wa [Claims] - Scenarios of oath taking

1. Someone claims to have bought that man's slave for 1000. Seller disputed him and they were put to oath. He will say, Allaah, there is no established sale with you in this slave," and "You did not sell."
2. A man accused of usurpation will say, "By Allaah i am not obligated to return this item, nor to return its price." He will not say, "By Allaah i did not usurp it."
3. Concerning marriage the oath will be, “By Allaah, there is no established marriage between us at present.”
4. The oath accepted in divorce is, “By Allaah, she has never been irrevocably divorced from me at any time.” He will not say, "By Allaah, I did not divorce her."

~ al-Quduri ~