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Imaan and Aqaa'id - Allaah

His Fear for Allaah

Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah RADI. reports a Hadith stating that a wealthy man and Aalim and a martyr will be brought forward for questioning on the Day of Qiyaamah. On account of them all having acted for show, they will all be cast into Jahannam despite the greatness of their acts. When this narration was reported to Hadhrat Mu'aawiya RADI. he wept so profusely that the people thought he would die. After regaining his composure, he then recited the verse: "Whoever desires the life of this world and its splendour (without a concern for the Aakhirah which they do not believe in), We shall grant them the full rewards for their (good) deeds in this very world and they will not be wronged (they will not be given less than thy deserve). They are the ones who shall have only the Fire for themselves in the Aakhirah. Whatever (good actions) they did in the world will be lost to them (in the Aakhirah) and all their (good) deeds will be in vain (because they will see no rewards for these in the Aakhirah where they will require them most. This is because they acted only for worldly objectives).

Fatawa Rahimiyyah Vol.1