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The Three Things thot Rasulullaah SAW. Loved PDF Print E-mail
Imaan and Aqaa'id - Sunnat

The Three Things thot Rasulullaah SAW. Loved

Q: Imaan-107 : Please explain the Hadith in which Rasulullaah SAW. stated that the three things he loved most of this world are perfume, women (his wives) and salaah.

Answer: Perfume makes the heart and mind fragrant. It even enhances the mind and since a healthy mind is needed to preserve one's Deen. Rasulullaah SAW. loved perfume. He also loved his wives because a wife is a means of preserving one's chastity and are essential to increase the numbers of the Ummah. Rasulullaah SAW. then also loved salaah because it is a fundamental of Deen and ushers one to the presence of Allaah. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimmiyyah (vol. 1)