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TAHAARAH - Cleanliness - GHUSL. BATH

Sleeping in the State of Janaabah

Q: Taharaat-25: A man has sons and daughters who are of an Understanding age and they all sleep in the same small house. When the couple have intercourse, they are too shy to take a bath at night for fear of the children waking up, so they make Tayammum and bath as soon as they can in the morning. Is this permissible? If they do not do this, there is no other way in which they can engage in intercourse. Please reply.

Answer: After having intercourse at night, the couple may wash off any impurities, perform wudhu and then go to sleep. They must however take their baths before Fajr so that they can perform the Fajr salaah. It is not permissible to make Qadhaa salaah. Such modesty is not permissible that causes a Fardh salaah to become Qadhaa. The couple must either bath some time at night or take out time during the day for intercourse when the children are not at home. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2