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Urine Dripping when Walking after Istinjaa PDF Print E-mail
TAHAARAH - Cleanliness - Istinja [cleaning after going to toilet]

Urine Dripping when Walking after Istinjaa

Q: Taharaat-67: After making Istinjaa, a few drops of urine still drip after taking a few steps and stain the trousers. Will salaah be valid in this condition?

Answer: When this condition is not due to an illness and happens infrequently, an effective manner of treating it is to take a few steps with a mud clod (to absorb the drops of urine) and to then cross and press the right leg over the left leg. In this manner, whatever drops of urine are left will be expelled and one may then make wudhu when one is confident that everything is out.

If this does not work and the urine still drips, one should clean the body and clothes, perform wudhu and the perform salaah if one fears that the time for salaah will expire. One will however not be allowed to lead the salaah as an Imaam (unless all the followers are Ma'zoor as well). If the condition is not a temporary one, one needs to make further enquiries because the ruling will be different, And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2