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The Jumu'ah salaah for a Musaafir PDF Print E-mail
SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Salatul Jumu'ah

The Jumu'ah salaah for a Musaafir

Q: Salaah-538: It was the time for the Jumu'ah salaah when a Tablighi Jamaa'ah arrived at a Masjid where no one attended. If this Jamaa'ah who are all Musaafirs perform the Jumu'ah salaah, will they still need to perform the Zuhr salaah?

Answer: Their Jumu'ah salaah will be valid and they will not be obliged to perform the Zuhr salaah. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2