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Is it Necessary to Deliver a Different Khutbah every Friday? PDF Print E-mail
SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Salatul Jumu'ah

Is it Necessary to Deliver a Different Khutbah every Friday?

Q: Salaah-564: What do the Ulema and Muftis have to say about our Imaam who is a Haafidh and Qaari who cannot look into a book because his eyes are too weak. He had therefore memorised five or six Khutbahs and recites a different one every Friday in turn. Some people say that the Khutbah is invalid because he repeats the Khutbahs and it is necessary to recite the different Khutbahs for every week and month. Some Muqtadis therefore attend another Masjid. What have the Muftis to day about this?

Answer: Following the Imaam is valid without being Makrooh when he recites the Qur'aan well and correctly, when he knows the necessary rulings of salaah and despite his poor eyesight, he is able to keep himself clean and pure. In fact, Rasulullaah SAW. even appointed Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Ummu Maktoom RADI. as the Imaam in his place even though he was blind.

The Khutbah needs to be delivered in Arabic. Since most of the audience do not even understand Arabic, what is the necessity for the Khutbah to be different every time? The five or so Khutbahs that the Imaam knows are sufficient and this will not at all lead the salaah being Makrooh in any way. If people wish to have differed Khutbahs each time, they should learn Arabic and then employ a suitable Aalim. He may translate the Arabic Khutbahs and teach the people the injunctions of the Shari'ah. The present Imaam may be retained as a deputy Imaam and may assist in the Taraaweeh salaah during Ramadhaan. While people spent millions on their Masaajid, they become tight-fisted when it comes to employing Imaams and Mu'adhins. This is inappropriate because fancy buildings are not the objective of the Shari'ah, but competent Imaams and Mu'adhins are. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2