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The Virtue of the Jumu?ah salaah and Closing the Business PDF Print E-mail
SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Salatul Jumu'ah

The Virtue of the Jumu?ah salaah and Closing the Business

Q: Salaah-560: We usually close our businesses before the Jumu'ah salaah. When should we do so since Zawaal is at 72:25 pm, Adhaan is at 1:00 pm and the Khutbah starts at 1:10 pm?

Answer: The Ahadeeth cite numerous virtues for the day of Jumu'ah. It is described as being not only like the day of Eid, but even superior. It is therefore best that preparations be made from the morning. One should bath early. wear the best clothing he has, apply scent, recite Surah Kahaf and reach the Masjid as soon as possible before the Adhaan. There, one should engage in Nafl salaah, Salaatut Tasbeeh, recite the Qur'aan, make Dhikr and recite Durood.

Rasulullaah SAW. mentioned that when a person takes a bath on a Friday applies oil to his head, scent to his body and then proceeds to the Masjid where he sits down to listen attentively to the Khutbah without getting anyone up from his place and then proceeds to perform the salaah, all his sins committed since the previous Jumu'ah are forgiven.

Another Hadith states that when a person takes a bath on a Friday, makes others (his wife) take a bath, leaves early for the salaah on foot, sits close to the Imaam, listens attentively to the Khutbah and does nothing futile, he will receive the reward of a year?s lbaadah and a year's fasting for every step that he takes.

A person should then have his meal after the Jumu'ah salaah and his business. If it is difficult for him to keep his business closed all he should close it at least so long before the first Adhaan that he has time to take a bath. dress, apply perfume and still make it to the Jaami Masjid before the first Adhaan. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2