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The Sunnah salaahs when one is a Musaafir PDF Print E-mail
SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Salaah of the Musafir [Traveller]

The Sunnah salaahs when one is a Musaafir

Q: Salaah-492: It was few days ago that I performed Maghrib salaah in Jamaa?ah on a train. Because it was convenient, I continued to perform the Sunnah and Nafl salaahs as well, but my companions maintained that it was not necessary. I explained to them that although the Fardh salaahs are shortened during a journey, the other salaahs should be performed if the opportunity permits. What is the ruling? Is it necessary to perform these salaahs or not?

Answer: While there is no shortening the number of the Sunnah and Nafl Salaahs, one should perform the Sunnah Mu'akkadah salaahs, especially the Sunnah of Fajr when one is at ease, when there is no fear of being separated from one's companions, when there is no rush and when one's companions will not be strained to wait. While some scholars are of the opinion that one may miss even the Sunnah Mu'akkadah salaahs when one is at ease during travelling, the preferred opinion of the scholars states that they may not be omitted. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2