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Performing Salaah behind a Bisexual PDF Print E-mail
SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Congregation and Imamah [leading the Salaah]

Performing Salaah behind a Bisexual

Q: Salaah-51: What do the Ulema of Deen have to say about the following:

1. Is salaah performed behind a hermaphrodite valid or not?
2. Is salaah valid if performed behind a transsexual who is not a woman?
3. What about a person being Imaam when he tells boys to do evil acts?
4. What about a person being Imaam when despite being told, he repeatedly clears his throat during salaah and breaks wind while reciting?
5. Is there any harm in such a person being the Imaam who intentionally lies when asked something, even though people had seen him (doing what he denies)?

Answer: If the allegations are proven, there is no doubt about the fact that it is Makrooh for such a person to be an Imaam. It will certainly not be permissible to follow a person if he is a hermaphrodite, but bear in mind that it is a grave sin to wrongly accuse a person of something. If a person clears his throat of phlegm and has good .reason to do so, there is no harm in doing so and the salaah will not be Makrooh.t There is also no harm in breaking wind (burping) if one cannot help himself. Take note also that if a person repents from the wrongs he has done and promises not to repeat himself, there will be no harm in him being the Imaam. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.2