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Funeral Laws - Funeral Salaah

The Janaazah salaah According to the Ghayr Muqallideen

Q: Janaa'iz-43: What do the Ulema of Deen and the Muftis have to say about a person who performs the Janaazah salaah in the following manner: He first recites Surah Faatiha, then Surah Asr, then Durood and then the du'aa for the deceased in a loud voice. Is the Janaazah salaah valid? Please furnish the relevant Ahadeeth in the reply and state the differences in the way that the Hanafis and the Wahaabis perform the Janaazah salaah. Endorsement by three or four Ulema is also needed. There is currently a serious conflict concerning the issue so it would be appreciated if a swift reply is received. With appreciation.

Answer: While the Janaazah salaah is valid in the stated case, it will be Makrooh if the Surahs are recited as Qiraa'ah. which is the manner in which the Ghayr Muqallideen usually recite. It is Sunnah for one to recite everything in the Janaazah salaah silently.

A Ghayr Muqallid must never be appointed to lead the Janaazah salaah of a Hanafi person. Since the purpose of the Janaazah salaah is du'aa for the deceased, it is amongst the etiquettes of du'aa to praise Allaah and to recite Durood for Rasulullaah SAW. For this reason, Thanaa is recited after the first Takbeer, Durood after the second and then the du'aa for the deceased and all Muslims is made after the third. The Salaam then foliows the fourth Takbeer.

Because the Janaazah salaah is not really a salaah, there is no Qiraa'ah in it. Hadhrat Abu Sa'eed Maqbari RADI. once asked Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah RADI. how the Janaazah salaah is performed. Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah RADI. replied, "l swear by the existence of Allaah that I shall tell you the correct manner. When the bier is placed down, I call out the Takbeer (AIIaahu Akbar) and then praise and glorify Allaah (as is done when the Thanaa is recited). I then send salutations (recite Durood) for Rasulullaah SAW. after which I recite the du'aa, "O Allaah! This is Your bondsman and the child of your bondsman and bondswoman. He used to testify that there is none worthy of worship but You and that Muhammad SAW. is Your servant and Rasul. You know him well... There is no mention of Qiraa'ah in this narration.

Another narration from Hadhrat Naafi RADI. states that Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Umar RADI. never recited any Qiraa'ah in the Janaazah salaah.
In the famous Maaliki book Al Mudawwanatul Kubra, Hadhrat Imaam Maalik RAH. states that the Janaazah salaah is really not a salaah, but a du'aa and there is therefore no Qiraa'ah in it. He attributes this not only to himself. but to senior Sahabah RADI. such as Hadhrat Umar RADI. and Hadhrat Ali RADI. amongst others and to senior Taabi'een such as Ibn Musayyib RAH. and Ataa bin Rabaah RAH. amongst others. He states further that it was never the practice of the people of Madinah to recite Qiraa'ah in the Janaazah salaah.

It is therefore incorrect to regard the Janaazah salaah as a salaah and to therefore apply the Hadith of "There is no salaah without the opening of the Book (Surah Faatiha)" to it. Had the Janaazah salaah been a salaah, it would not have been necessary for the deceased to be placed in front. This is necessary only because intercession and forgiveness are sought for him.

Had it been regarded as a proper salaah, Surah Faatiha would have to be recited after every Takbeer since every Takbeer is like a Rakaah on its own. Furthermore, there would then have to be Ruku, Sajdah and Tashahhud and Sajdah Sahw for errors.
Although some narrations mention that Surah Faatiha is recited, the Surah Faatiha here takes the place of Thanaa and du'aa. Reciting it as Qiraa'ah is not proven anywhere.

The gist of it all is that no Qiraa'ah is recited in the Janaazah salaah and if Surah Faatiha is recited after the first Takbeer. it is permissible if recited as a du'aa. However, since people will not understand the difference in this intention and will regard it as Qiraa'ah, the Hanafi Madh'hab does not permit them to recite Surah Faatiha since doing so as Qiraa'ah will render their salaah Makrooh. And Allaah knows best what is most correct.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3