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Will Pyorrhea Nullify the Fast?

Q: Saum-9: Pus is discharged from my gums because of the pyorrhea I suffer from and this pus is swallowed with the saliva. Will this nullify the fast? What I wish to know is whether there exists a difference in the ruling between intentionally or unintentionally swallowing things that are created within the mouth and things that are brought into the mouth externally (such as paan) and are then swallowed perhaps by mistake when one falls asleep?

Answer: The pus discharged because of the pyorrhea cannot be likened to The paan that a person may swallow. While the paan is introduced into the mouth externally and overpowers the saliva, the pus is created within the mouth because of the pyonhea and cannot be helped. Furthermore, the amount of pus is little and does not overpower the sativa. The pus will therefore not nullify the fast.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3


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