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When will Hajj become Fardh for a Person? PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Hajj - Hajj badal

When will Hajj become Fardh for a Person?

Q: Hajj-33: For whom is Hajj Fardh and under what circumstances can the Hajj be postponed?

Answer: Hajj is Fardh for every sane, adult and healthy Muslims who is not a slave, when he has sufficient wealth to enable him to travel to and from the Kabah according to his status. This will apply when the wealth used to take him is apart from his needs (such as a house, transport, clothing, etc). He also needs to have sufficient wealth to leave behind for the needs of those who are dependant on him. Furthermore, the journey needs to be a safe one and a woman needs to be travelling with a Mahram or her husband.

The following are reasons for which Hajj may be postponed:

1. Becoming bankrupt

2. Fear for a tyrannical ruler

3. Being imprisoned

4. An unsafe journey

5. Illness because of which the person cannot travel

6. For a woman not to have a Mahram or husband accompany her

7. For a woman to be spending her Iddah

Although these factors justify postponing the Hajj, it will be compulsory to proceed with the journey as soon as they no longer exist. If one still does not perform the Hajj, it will be Waajib (compulsory) to make a bequest for the Hajj Badal to be performed. Refer to more detailed books on Hajj for further information.

Fatawa Rahimiyyah vol.3