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SALAAH.. The Book of Prayer - Salaah of the Musafir [Traveller]


Q: 19- We know that the Shariah has allowed us a concession of performing two Rak'ah of Salah in place of four when on travel. The concession is known as Qasr'. The question is exactly when should we start "Qasr" after leaving our home? Sometimes we have to perform prayer at the airport of our city. Can we avail of the Qasr concession when praying at our airport or on our way to airport? (Ibid)

A: The Qasr concession is allowed to a traveller bound for a distance of 48 miles or more, but the concession can be taken as soon as he comes out of his city. He cannot avail or the Qasr when he is still in his own city. Therefore, if the airport is situated within the city where he lives, in the sense that the buildings of the city are linked with the airport without a considerable break in between, such as the Karachi Airport, the Qasr cannot be availed at the airport. In this case the normal number of Rak'at will be necessary while performing Salah at the airport. However, if the airport is outside the city in which one lives, in the sense that there is a considerable open space between the buildings of his city and the airport, he should perform Qasr at the airport if he wants to offer Salah before boarding.

The same principle will apply to one's performing Salah on his way to airport. As soon as one crosses the buildings of his own city he should perform Qasr even if he has not reached the airport. But in case he is passing through his own city, he cannot avail himself of the Qasr concession.

The same rules should be followed in the case of Railway station and seaports also.

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