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Kitabul Hajj - Faraid, Wajibat and Sunan of Hajj

Question522) - What is wajib in hajj?

A: They are as follows:
1. Wuquf of Muzdalifah after dawn on the Day of Nahr., 2. Sa?y between as-Safa and al-Marwa., 3. Pelting the Jimar., 4. Tawafus Sadr [when first coming] for one from Afaq [outside the Haram and Hill] 5., Shaving or shortening the hair., 6 Extending the wuquf of 'Arafat until sunset., 7. For one performing Qiran fearin] or Tamattu, [Mutamatti?] to slaughter a Hady., 8. A Mufrid [one performing Ifrad] should observe the sequence of pelting and then shaving. The Qarin and Mutamatti, should observe the sequence between pelting then slaughter then shaving., 9. To perform Tawafu zziyarah during the Days of Nahr., 10. shaving or shortening the hair within the Haram., 11. and that they be in the Days of Nahr.

~ al-Quduri ~