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What will he do after Salah? PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Hajj - Going to Mina and from there to 'Arafat

Question 550) - What will he do after Salah?

A: He will then stay at a place of Wuquf. All of 'Arafat is a place for Wuquf except the low point. It is recommended that he engage in as much du'a as possible until sunset. He will pray 'Asr in its Waqt if he did not do so with the Imam of Hajj. It is Mustahab to make Wuquf near Jabal ar-Rahmah, standing as much as possible and making du'a. It is also allowed to engage in du'a at one's tent. It is Mustahab for the Imam of Hajj to make Wuquf at 'Arafat upon his mount, making du'a and teaching people the laws of Hajj.

~ al-Quduri ~