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What is the Sunnah method of Ghusl? PDF Print E-mail
TAHAARAH - Cleanliness - GHUSL. BATH

Question 15) - What is the Sunnah method of Ghusl?

A: The Sunnah method is to begin by washing the hands. Then perform Istinja i.e. wash the front and back private parts. He should be at ease however much possible during Istinja. Remove all filth which might be on the body. Perform the Wudu which is performed for Salah. Pour water over the head and the rest of the body thrice. Pay attention to the insides of the ears, the armpits, the navel and other parts where water does not reach except with care.

Note: if the Ghusl is performed on a wooden surface, stone or tiled floor whereby the used water does not gather, he should wash his feet at the end of the Wudu as is usual. If however the used water remains in the place of Ghusl, he should delay the washing of the feet till the end of the (ihusl, after having moved to a different ground.

~ al-Quduri ~