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Question 590) - What is Tamattu'?

A: It is to enter Ihram at the Miqat and then go to Makkah and perform 'Umrah during the months of Hajj. He will stop Talibiyah when commencing Tawaf. After Tawaf he will make Sa'y. After shaving or clipping his hair he is out of the Ihram of 'Umrah. He will remain at Makkah without Ihram and will make as many Tawaf as he can. He will pray the 5 Salah in congregation in a!-Masjid al-Haram. He will then enter Ihram of Hajj in the Haram on the Day of Tarwiyah. He will perform his Hajj just as the Mufrid. After pelting the Biggest jamrah on the Day of Nahr he will slaughter a l-lady out of gratitude to Allaah for allowing him to join the Hajj and 'Umrah. lf he cannot afford it then he must fast three days in Hajj, the final day being the Day of 'Arafah. He will also fast 7 days when he returns home. He will not shave his head until he has slaughtered. We have mentioned certain rules of the fast under Qiran.

~ al-Quduri ~


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