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What are the violations of ?Umrah? PDF Print E-mail
Kitabul Hajj - Violations of 'Umrah

Question 632) - What are the violations of ?Umrah?

A: It is as follows:
1. Damm is wajib if he derayed entering lhram to after the Miqat. 2. Damm is wajib if one made Tawaf of ?umrah as a Muhdith or Junub; or a woman was in her menses or childbirth period. There is no difference here between the Muhdith or the Junub, between a little and a lot. The Damm is Wajib if even a single circuit was made without Taharah. 3. Damm is Wajib if he shaved before Sa?y. 4. Damm is wajib if he shaved his head outside the Haram.

NOTE: The penalty of Damm or sadaqah for violating Ihram is the same whether it was Ihram of Hajj or ?Umrah.

~ al-Quduri ~