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Should Wudu or Tayammum be done first? PDF Print E-mail
TAHAARAH - Cleanliness - TAYAMMUM - purification without water

Question 37) - Should Wudu or Tayammum be done first?

A: Any one of the two is fine.

NOTE: The leftover of a man is pure as long as he did not drink wine, or no blood flowed from his gums, or he did not vomit a mouth-full. In these cases his leftovers are impure until he rinses his mouth thrice or he swallows his saliva so many times that no impurity remains in his mouth and lips. 5

The leftover of a cat is impure if it ate a rat and immediately put its mouth in the water. If it does it after a while and cleaned its mouth with its saliva and the traces of the impurity are gone, then it is pure although Makruh. 6

~ al-Quduri ~