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1 Is there a penalty for wearing shoes or socks? 871
2 What is the penalty for wearing stitched fragranced clothing for the duration of a day? 803
3 Is there a penalty for wearing an Izar or Rida with stitched intervals or edges? 1233
4 If he wore a shirt as a cloak or a lower-body garment; or wore a trouser on the upper part of his body, what is the penalty? A: No penalty. The violation is to wear normal clothing in the normal manner. ~ al-Quduri ~ 762
5 If he wore different kinds of prohibited clothing at the same time for the duration of the day e.g. trouser and shirt does he pay multiple penalties? 763
6 If he wore it for several days and nights will he pay a separate penalty for each day? 870
7 What is his penalty it he wore it for less than that? 858
8 What is the penalty? 904
9 Explain the details of the violation of wearing stitched clothing and its penalties. 870

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